The inventory with schedule of condition forms a vital part of the contractual agreement between the landlord and tenant of each rented property.  Comprehensive and accurate inventories will significantly reduce the likelihood of potentially costly disputes at the end of each tenancy especially where produced by a professional, independent company and combined with proper check-in and check-out reports.  The introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme makes this even more important.   Each item in the property is described and its superficial condition given.  Although we are not structural engineers or surveyors, Blackwater Inventories will also note external structural features where these significantly appear to require attention.

Our inventories are produced using specialised bespoke software.   The layout makes each item easy to find and every item is numbered. We pride ourselves on the level of detail included but, equally, we ensure that the overall condition is clear so you can "see the wood for the trees".

Each inventory is paginated and the rooms individually indexed.

Uniquely, our inventories also include guidance on how to check the inventory, an Important Notes section that puts the inventory into the context of the individual property and a page of check-out advice for tenants.  This helps ensure that the property is returned in good condition at the end of the tenancy.

On request, digital photographs can be taken or video recordings made of the property in support of the inventory.  (Please note that it is best practice to have detailed text rather than rely on photograph evidence alone as it is impractical to shoot every item from every possible angle in sufficient detail for comparison at check-out or by tenancy deposit dispute arbiters).

The inventory is normally emailed to the client, 24-48 hours after inspection.  Hard copies can be provided if required.